Metallurgical briquette: Basic information

Ecomashgeo Ltd. (the holder of the Know-How) offer a technology of industrial production of metallurgical briquettes for blast furnace, steel-making, ferroalloy manufactures.

The suggested technology of carbon-iron-containing briquettes production with optimal contents for metallurgical refinings:
  • blast furnace refining
  • open-hearth refining
  • arc-furnace refining
  • ferroalloy refining
By formation of the optimal composition for a definite refining carbon-iron-containing waste of the given region is involved in the briquetting technology at the most.

The experiment of industrial fusion called "the basic briquette in open-hearth and electro-arc ovens" was a success.

The compositional content of briquette (roll scale, coke dust, binder) provides a complete reduction of iron oxides due to its own carbon in the body of briquette with the following carbonization.

Briquettes in these refinings are a cheap iron substitute as well as a carbonizer, which actively froths liquid bath.

By changing the fluxing and alloying additives ratio (in the form of gas cleaners dust, electrical filters dust, siftings of useful material) it is possible to form briquettes that meet the requirements of almost any metallurgical charge.

In the blast furnace iron-carbon-containing, self-fluxing briquettes substitute coke. Their contents is selected as a single-component charge of a definite period. Instead of traditional components the waste of blast furnace, sintering, by-product-coking and other plants, as well as fine metal additives, metal siftings, metal concentrates are used.

The possibility to involve into a refining expensive alloying elements in the form of cheap dust waste makes the technology even more attractive.

Availability and existence of the corresponding equipment (vibrocompaction lines for building materials) greatly reduce the period of penetration of this project.

Ecomashgeo Ltd. (the holder of the Know-How) offer a technology of industrial production of metallurgical briquettes for blast furnace, steel-making, ferroalloy manufactures.

Unlike existing methods of briquettes production this technology has the following advantages:
  • production of briquettes with a preset chemical composition
  • high capacity (1 000 - 3 000 tons/a day)
  • a wide mass range of briquettes (from 1 kg to 20 kg, it is also possible to get 100-ton briquettes)
  • predictable and regulated mechanical strength
  • economy of the process
  • minimal amount of returned waste (not more than 2%)
  • the usage in the content of briquettes different waste of metallurgical plants (roll scale, blast-furnace dust, electrical filters dust, siftings, sludge, coke dust and coke breeze, and so on)
  • the possibility to include a great amount of carbonizer (up to 90%) in to briquettes
  • packaging allows the mechanization of loading-unloading, transportation, storing

The field of application

Blast-furnace production:

  • carbon-iron-containing briquette, as a substitute of iron-containing raw material (agglomerate, pellets, metal admixture) and blast-furnace coke
  • ferrioxide briquette for washing of the well of blast furnaces (F 40-60 %)
  • carbon-iron-containing briquette with manganese and silicium for smelting of special iron grades
  • a special briquette for growing of the wall accretion of the well of blast furnaces

Steel making manufacture:

  • carbon-iron-containing briquette as a substitute of iron, carbonic scrap, carbonic additives and flux
  • carbon-iron-containing briquette with deoxidizing alloy additions (Mn, Si, l etc.)
  • ore-lime briquette for scorification and temperature control in the steel furnace

Ferroalloy manufacture:

    composite briquette for production of ferroalloys (with FSi, F, FS, , Sin, Fn, S, l and carbon in the form of coke breeze and dag, powdered wood charcoal)
Experimental-industrial fusions of carbon-iron-containing briquettes have been conducted at "Taganrog's Metallurgical Plant", at "Liepaias Metallurgis" (Latvia), at Aleksin's Plant of Tiazpromarmatura". They have proved the metallurgical value of briquettes. In addition, carbon-iron-containing briquettes will be sent to "Serp and Molot", Moscow.

As a primal step, we offer to produce and deliver a pilot batch of briquettes of the coordinated chemical composition and size from your plant waste. In case of positive results of the pilot fusion we are ready to offer the delivery of the necessary highly productive automatic equipment.

Considering the urgency of this problem and active movements of other plants and organizations on the market of the mentioned technologies we find it necessary to introduce our technology. A wide introduction of the given technology will allow all the partners that take part in production organization to get considerable economic profits.

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