Metallurgical briquette: Feedback

If you are interested in this technology, we offer to fill in this form. It wont take a lot of time. If you find it difficult to answer a question, leave it out.

The description of the briquetting material:

Temper in the material:

The chemical composition of the material (if known). It is better to give real components, not elements, for example, , not Fe and :

Why do you need to briquette your material and how will these briquettes be used?

The suggested capacity of the briquetting system:

Do you have any preferences or demands of briquettes form and size?:

Do you have any requirements of physical properties of briquettes? For example, water resistance, high temperature stability and others:

Is it possible to use any binders, containing the following components?:
2: Yes No
C: Yes No
Si: Yes No
: Yes No

Fe2O3: Yes No

Do you have any components or elements that should not be used as binders?:


The name of the organization:
E-mail (one!):
Phone number:
The person in charge:

Contact info:
tel./fax: +7 (0872) 45-81-16, cell. +7 (910) 941-78-05, Vasiliy Kotenev

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