The application of metallurgical briquettes


  • as a single-component burden substitute of traditional multi-component charge for the production of iron, steel and ferroalloy; self-fluxing, self-restoring, alloying charge for metallurgical refinings
  • as a unique utilization method of dispersed waste of ferrous metallurgy, by-product-coking and other industries with its profitable usage in metallurgical furnaces
  • as the most accessible and cheap method of ore-coal material agglomeration by vibrocompaction
"Ore-coal materials (pellets and briquettes of dispersed components) have marked by their appearance a crucial moment in realization of rational method of iron production. Their quantitative difference from ore-coal charge (the degree of components dispensability, the contact surface area of ferric oxides with carbon and gas) gives new qualities to the system". V.M.Schedrin ISSN 0038-920 X "Steel" №12 2001, p.8-12

The sphere of briquetting application

Measures to introduce the new technology of briquetting

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In the framework of the approved decision of Tender Commission of Russian Science together with the State Scientific Centre of Timber Processing Complex there has been started a research work “The research and development of technology of waste treatment of timber processing…”. The research will result not only in developing an efficient briquetting technology but also in creating a unique equipment complex.

According to the assignment of Leningradslanets JSC., the specialists of EcoMashGeo are in the process of elaborating technological decisions for the briquetting factory with the capacity up to 600 000 tons shale screenings annually and identifying the possibility of using different organic and mineral binders which preserve the value of the basic material.

Experimental and balance smelting of iron-carbon-containing briquettes made from Belgorod hydro-ore and coke screenings was started at Kosaya Gora Iron Works. It is planned to substitute briquettes efficiently for up to 250 kg of traditional charge materials per ton of pig iron.

The metallurgists of the Philippines delivered iron-carbon-containing materials to the laboratory of EcoMashGeo. The specialists of EcoMashGeo are producing briquette samples of natural shape for blast furnace production from the materials received.

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The ideology of the technology

The establishment of conditions for dust-like oxides reduction with the following carbonization in the body of the briquette due to cheap carbon-containing filler in a definite metallurgical refining, involving fluxing, alloying, ferrous fine-dyspersated waste.

Installations for briquetting

Fabrication of briquette per month The recommended vibropress
up to 5 000 tons A universal stationary machine (Latvia) or a universal stationary vibropress (Poland)
5 000 - 10 000 tons MULTIMAT RH 500 (automatic version)
10 000 - 15 000 tons HYDROMAT HP-3 (automatic version)
15 000 - 25 000 tons MULTIMAT RH 2000 (total automation)

The patent for an invention

Ecomashgeo Ltd. (Koteniov Vasilyi Ilyich) holds the patent of the Russian Federation №2183679 for the invention of "Briquette for the metallurgical industry, briquette for furnace washing of the blast furnace and the method of briquette production". The patent was recorded in the Public Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation on June 20, 2002.

Geozond - RCh

Geozond - RCh is a radio wave technology for a detailed investigation of near-surface regions of geo-environment. The equipment serves for stimulation of electromagnetic fields that are measured by transversal and longitudinal polarization with different distances between the generator and the receiver and different frequencies. That helps to solve a wide range of engineering problems.

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